Use Cases

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Pilot Project I (Social TV)

MixedEmotions will enable the inclusion of entitylevel emotion and sentiment analysis (program, actor, sportsperson), related contents analytics (liked content, mentioned entities), multimedia media analytics (emotion and sentiment analysis on online videos), and Social TV (related social networks activity while watching TV programs).

Pilot Project II (Brand Reputation Management)

Paradigma Tecnológico seeks to enhance their Online Reputation Tool in four main areas: enhance real-time capabilities, adding multimodal input would dramatically enhance the quality and accurateness of generated reputation reports, multilingual data analysis and report generation to increase internationalisation of the product. As all of these are central to MixedEmotions, its outcomes will enable Paradigma to provide better reputation management services to its customers.

Pilot Project III (Call Centre Operations)

Phonexia offers solutions for call centre operations which will benefit from the MixedEmotions platform in the following ways: enable the implementation and use of optimization algorithms for speech recognition in the context of big data (huge streams of speech recordings in mid-size and large call centres), advanced extraction of emotions from speech, and enhanced multilingual processing.