Detect Your Callers’ Mood & Save Money


Today, emotion detection services based on speech technologies make its way to the market. Speech bears valuable information about speakers; and emotions of the speaker are one of them. Just try to imagine the potential power you can get, if you have a mining tool for emotions.

Your customer is happy, sad, angry, aggressive or even lying and you have this crucial output provided as a natural part of your CRM system. It does not sound bad, does it?

Call Centers offer a natural space for emotion mining and its following analysis. On an everyday basis, contact center agents approach customers during a different time of day and more importantly – in a different mood. It is not unusual for customers to respond in rude or event vulgar ways. Emotion detection is aimed on recognizing the mood of the customer at the particular time of a call. This data gathered by emotion detection can hold valuable information for a future customer approach.

Disruptive technology: Emotion services change businesses

Now, if you had information that your customers are extremely rude during the morning, would you call them with a great offer of new product? Most likely not. On the other hand, if the analytics system reports that customers are responding in a positive way under certain circumstances, it is obviously a good idea to learn why and hold on to such strategy of customer approach.

Soon, emotion analysis will cooperate with other outputs from the speech analytics (gender identification, language identification, keyword spotting, speech transcription etc.) and provide an integrated view of what is going on in the call center. Emotion analysis has a great potential to become an inseparable part of customer planning in Call Centers. Providing information about your customers in a synoptic way with clearly defined KPI’s, that is the final target.

Make your speech analytics system ready to deal with emotions

In Phonexia, we strongly believe that detection of emotions will play a crucial part of our Speech Analytics system. Creating a powerful tool for call center managers and significantly ease their work, this is the final target for the team in Phonexia.

Early adopter: The emotion analysis system was already deployed in the first Call Center customer in Czech Republic.

Emotions detection in SPAS solution

What can be expected in the near future? The plan is clear – make the emotion analysis an integral part of the Phonexia Speech Analytics system and provide the profit of recognized emotions to customers.

It is obvious that speech holds a great potential for data mining and there are still challenges left unsurpassed which are a driving force for our researchers and developers motivating to explore new and innovative ways of using speech for further benefits.


Phonexia helps people all around the world to process their speech data however they intend to. We make the world a safer place by helping police and military prevent national threats, fight organized crime, and identify criminals. We improve telephone services by providing contact centers with analytics. We provide voice biometrics solutions and implement custom projects perfectly suited for the needs of our customers.

MixedEmotions is an European Research project an innovative two-year research program. It involves five companies and four European universities. With a budget of more than 3.5 million euros, it aims to search, identify, classify and characterise emotions in large volumes and data sources by applying Big Data analysis technologies.