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Next webinar: 30 June

Interactive Business Webinar about the MixedEmotions Platform

When is the next webinar? We are happy to welcome you at June 30th at 12h CEST. Just access, and enter meeting id 248-510-485

MixedEmotions brings emotion analysis to your business. We are developing an open source platform for the automatic detection of emotions in speech, audio, video, text and social media data – in multiple languages and with preservation of the semantic context of expressed emotions.

The platform comprises modules for multilingual, multimodal emotion and sentiment detection, entity linking, topic detection and more!

The MixedEmotions platform will be available for download soon – join the user group now and listen to the series of webinars, starting in May 2016. The webinar will have a duration of approximately 45 minutes, and we will present the business context, opportunities and practical use cases of emotion processing through the MixedEmotions platform.

We will briefly present the platform itself, and we will talk about the three pilots that are already under development to showcase the potential use of the platform in three very different scenarios: brand reputation, social TV, and call centers.